Thursday, December 20, 2007

Clan McCain Research December 2007

The research into the origins of the McCain Clan of north Antrim continues to make progress. The research is now centred on a group of paternally related families in mid Argyll. It is a matter of waiting for certain DNA test to be completed and then to see if the results support the existing paradigm. This month yet another important DNA match came in that does strongly suggest that the McCains of north Antrim are the same as the mid Argyll McCain family that lived in Kilmichael Glassary. There is a surprising amount of primary sources on the events in this part of Argyll in the 1500s. This is because of the prominence of the chief land owner of the district, the Earl of Argyll, i.e. the chief of the Campbell Clan. Photo above is of a medieval stone carving of Gaelic Gallóglaigh warriors and is how our men folk dressed from 1200s right up until the late 1500s.

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