Tuesday, December 15, 2009

McCain Clan Research 2009

In 2009 there has been some amazing, even stunning, information about the McCain clan revealed both with primary source finds and new Y chromosome DNA matches. There is a growing group of Gaelic families in the McCain Clan kinship group. Some of the surnames the McCain Clan share a paternal kinship with are Mac an Leatha, Mac Donnchadh, Mac Ailpín, and Mac Eanruig. All of these surnames are from the mid Argyll area. The DNA results have focused and led the research.

Research in the primary sources have turned up information about the flow of events surrounding the movement of mid Argyll Highlanders into eastern Donegal circa 1570 into the 1590s, which is when the McCains left mid Argyll for Ireland. Several McCain family oral histories, such as the well known 'William the soldier' lore of the McKeens in New England and eastern Canada, and the association of the McCains with the players and events surrounding Mary Queen of Scots, have collaborating circumstantial facts that have been located in the primary sources. Information on the very early connection between the Hamiltons and McCains has also been uncovered. Early next year I will be posting more information on 2009's discoveries.

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