Sunday, March 14, 2010

McCain Family DNA News

There will be a new series of Y chromosome DNA tests available from the Family Tree labs which has the potential to settle many research points concerning the McCains. The new series of test will basically qualify degree of cousin your matches are. The procedure is different in that it will use both Y-DNA and mt DNA testing (as I understand it).

So, all the McCains from the Marsh Creek settlement, all the lines in Ireland that we have found, we can now, in theory, tell which particular line a McCain match belongs. Incredibly advanced molecular research really. This is done by measuring the autosomal DNA contributed by all ancestors.

I will post more on this as information becomes available.


Anonymous said...

My last name is McCain and I am very interesting in this DNA study. My family is said to have originally come to the United States from Antrim, Ireland in the 1770s. Is it possible for me to get more information on this study? Thanks!

Barry R McCain said...

To date every McCain (also McKane, McKean) we have tested from Antrim have all belonged to 'our' McCains. Very easy to participate, just go to the McCain Family DNA Project, follow the links to join. You can get my email via that website or the Ulster Heritage website. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Barry R McCain