Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Joe McKane and Jim McKane In Kilmichael Glassary

A photo taken just a few days ago of Dr Joe McKane of Glasgow and Jim McKane of Wiarton, Ontario, at the original homeland of the McCains in Kilmichael Glassary, mid Argyll, Scotland.  The are by the burial stone of Donnchadh Mór Mac Eáin, who was the first one of our family to take the surname Mac Eáin, which is anglicised as McCain, McKane, McKean, McKeen, etc.

With luck Jim will give us a full account of his trip over.  Both Joe and Jim are participants in the McCain DNA Project.  

Sadly  the burial stone has weathered greatly in the last 130 years. Many think that it is acid rain that has caused the rapid deterioration in the stone.  Fortunately, the stone was surveyed in 1875 and we have the notes and line drawing of it taken during the survey.  The text of the stone was completely legible in 1875, but parts of the writing and ornamentation are now faded.


jessepps said...

It would be interesting to know "the text of the stone."

Barry R McCain said...

Not to worry, I have the full survey report and a very good copy of the survey line drawing. It will be in the book 'Finding the McCains.' Will post publication date when I know it. Same thing has happened to the McCain burial stone in Templastragh in Antrim, but there too we have the survey report from 1835.

Joe said...

The claymore stands out and the writing is just about legible on the left upper part as you look at the photo.The text in Latin'Hic iacet Duncanus Mor McCane' Mor being Gaelic for big--""Her lies big Duncan McCane".
The farm is still there though much modernised!

Barry R McCain said...

Joe, I have the survey done by Captain White, from his original 1875 book. I will figure out a way to scan and post it. It is oversize now, need a printer to do it for me.

His name in Gaelic was Donnchadh Rua Mac Eáin, the mór they added as a title of respect after his death. There are a surprising number of records on his doings and affairs that still exist. This thanks to the Caimbeul family, he worked for them, as bailiff and captain.

You know a few years back a lot of that land came up for sale. Wish I had the funds, would have love to have purchased it.

I am in the battle to get my book 'Finding the McCains' published now, it is a memoir of 'how' I did it, but several chapters are straight up history with footnotes. It will get published, it is just brutal work dealing with these publishers.

Very glad you and Jim got together. Great photo of you two.


Cathy Mckeane said...

Amazing news Joe, have not done much genealogy since I "spoke" to you last, wonderful to see the progress being made ! Hoping Barry's book is published soon.

Joe said...

Hi Cathy,we all owe Barry a big debt of thanks.The book will be well worth all his efforts.
Good to hear from you.