Thursday, July 19, 2012

McCain DNA Results

Here is the link to the McCain DNA results:   McCain DNA Results

'Our' McCain family is listed as the 01 McCain family.  On the Ulster Heritage project we are listed by our surname in Gaelic, Mac Eáin.   This is done because of the lack of a standardised anglicised form.  Our family has used many anglicised forms, McKane, McKean, McKeen, McKaine, McCane, McCain, McAne, etc. but there is only one Gaelic spelling, Mac Eáin.  

We did have several McCains sign up of the Family Finder autosomal DNA test.  This is the testing that uses both male and female DNA.  We have at least one Marsh Creek McCain that signed up and one from the Tyrone/east Donegal group.  The 'summer sale' is over, but I do encourage all McCains to participate in the Family Finder test.  With this test both women and men of McCain ancestry and participate.

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