Monday, June 17, 2013

Two McCains on Mull

Gerrie Zhang and her son Chris Greer
In May, my son and I traveled to Scotland.  We visited Glasgow and the Isle of Mull, a repeat
of a solo trip I made two years ago.  On tours and walks on the island, we spotted wildlife, including red deer and sea eagles, and were enthralled by the ever-changing beauty of Mull.  There is something quite special about Mull, and I hope to return to try to discover what
it is that draws me there.  .... Gerrie Zhang

Gerrie and her son are descendants of the Pike County, Indiana, McCains.  Mull is in the inner Hebrides, home to Clann Mhic Ghiolla Eáin.  That clan was also a Redshank clan like our Clann Mhic Eáin.   The 'Eáin' element is found in several Gaelic surnames.  Eáin is the Gaelic form of the Latin name Iohannes.  It is a Latin loan word into Gaelic, in this case a Biblical name. 

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