Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Laggan Redshanks in Paperback on Amazon

In the sixteenth century Scottish Highlanders settled in the Laggan district of east Donegal. They were called Redshanks.  The history of the Laggan Redshanks has many fascinating elements which include Clann Chaimbeul and their dynamic leader the fifth Earl of Argyll, Gaelic sexual intrigues, English Machiavellian manoeuvres, and the Redshanks themselves.  This book not only tells the fascinating story of how a Highland Scottish community became established in the Laggan, but also includes the surnames of the Redshanks and notes of their origins in Scotland, which will be of interest to family historians and genealogists.
The paperback is a much expanded version of the Ebook that came out a couple years ago.  We had a lot of request for the Ebook in hard copy book format, so here it is.  The cover photo is Mongavlin castle where literally the McCains first appear in written records in Ireland.  William McKean the Soldier was there for a muster roll of soldiers in 1630.  His name is in the book in the muster at Mongavlin under John Stewart, the son of Ludovic Stewart, the Duke of Lennox.  The book has a map of the Laggan showing where Portlough precinct was and some of the areas the early McCains lived (and they still live there to this day). 
To purchase on Amazon:   The Laggan Redshanks
The next project up is a hard copy of Finding the McCains. 

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