Friday, August 7, 2015

The Known Anglicised Forms of Mac Eáin

The current known anglicised forms of our Mac Eáin family are.... McCain, McCann, McKane, MacKean, McKean, and McKeen. 
All these surnames are proven forms of the Mac Eáin family of Kilmichael Glassary, mid Argyll.   All are 'common' anglicised forms of Mac Eáin with the one exception of McCann.  McCann is normally the anglicised form of Mac Canna, but the DNA results proved that occasionally McCann is an anglicised form of Mac Eáin.  This came about in the early 1800s and reflects the census taker's spelling of the name.    
We also know that most of the families in our clan group have used several anglicised spellings.  The Marsh Creek McCains for example have used McKeen, McKean, and McCane, prior to 1820, and post 1820, used McCain. 

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Joe said...

Also McKeane,McAne,MacAne,McAin,McKeene