Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Two McCains in action in Ireland

A photo of Donovan McCain of Oxford, Mississippi, playing an informal session with the great Seamus O'Kane, bodhrán player and maker from Dungiven, County Derry, Ireland. Seamus is a force in the music world of Ireland, his bodhrán unsurpassed in sound, and has a playing style unique and beautiful. He was very kind to two fellow musicians from Mississippi. We had a very lovely time playing this session with him, having tea and farm brack. He is an amazing fellow as is his son. His son, named Murrough, is one of the very best flute and tin whistle players in Ireland who was part of the musical phenomenon called Óige back in the 1990s. Donovan is the one on the left, with the long blond hair, as if you needed to ask... the second photo on the lower right is of Murrough O'Kane and Donovan McCain on stage in Derry. BTW, I also played in these sessions, but alas, I was the fellow with the camera. Seamus O'Kane's web is found at: http://www.tradcentre.com/seamus/

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