Monday, July 28, 2008

McCain Musing Late July 2008

(above, Jonathon McKane with his grandmother and Barry R McCain, Drumboe, Donegal)

Time for a little McCain News I think. I am back from my sojourn in Tyrone and Donegal. The one thing relevant to our McCain Family that struck me while there, is I need to do a lot more research in the Finn Valley and the Strabane area of Tyrone. There is a much large McCain presence there than there is in northwest Antrim and it dates back at least to the late 1600s. I have several writing deadlines to met, but when there is a lull in the action I will take up the crayon and see if I can flesh out my thoughts on this more.

Additionally I think I may have located the Hamiltons that are so very connected to our McCain family. I did this when I chanced upon a copy of Hamilton will from the early 1700s in an out of print book. I may have found our Hance Hamilton Senior.

More later,

Barry R McCain
Oxford Mississippi

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