Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oxford Mississippi McCains

Conar McCain (on the right) and Donovan McCain, outside of Uptown Coffee House, Oxford, Mississippi, very late Friday night, or perhaps Saturday Morning, on the 5th or 6th of September anno domini 2008. They stayed out that late... making me uncomfortable, I mean Conar is 14, but he seems to fit in so well with the Ole Miss gang. What's a father to do? Fortunately, they are a good crowd usually. We run a tight ship here in Oxford.

Both of them are professional musicians, they had played earlier that night on the set of a film, in which they were a band in scene of the film. Donovan is writing the score for the film in fact.

Living in Oxford, Mississippi, is good.Oxford is an interesting place to live in many ways. Opportunities are here which are not often in other small Southern towns. We have three sushi bars and our children can be in films, strange, but true, yet we are still small town Mississippi as it gets.

Their Irish Hanna made caps, I bought in Donegal Town, many thanks to Ivan Knox and Letitia Knox, of Corcam, Donegal for taking me to MaGee's to purchase them. They were the perfect Irish gift for the boys.

BTW, very proud of cousin John for picking Mrs Palin, very nice. She's very popular here in Mississippi. We feel like finally, one of us normal folk may have a turn.

Barry R McCain (c) 2008

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