Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our Canadian McCains

Andrew McCain of New Brunswick, Canada; he is a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman, i.e. a Mounty. Andrew is one of our more accomplished McCains, not only a piper, but his work involves him in aspects of high level security for the Canadian government. Well done, Andrew! (I would say more, but it is all hush hush)

The photo above was taken some years ago and shows four James McKanes, of Ontario, Canada, including our accomplished webmaster and moose hunter, Jim McKane (third from left). The older James McKane passed away on 2 February 1995. The youngest James in the photo now a lad of fifteen years. Jim our webmaster, again third from the left has one of the most lovely lakeside cottages to rent in Ontario, should any of you want a wonderful holiday (vacation to us Americans). Just visit Jim's website for details.
Address is here:
One of the nicest aspect of our McCain family history research is we connected with our very large Canadian, branch of our family. We are hopeful or a reunion north of border some day soon.
Barry R McCain (c) 2008

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